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Is there even a point to updating here anymore?

November 18th, 2012 (04:44 pm)

Most of my updates have been going on on my other blog or being recorded on my 3DS via the Swapnote app. Should really be working on that presentation for tomorrow, but I don't really care anymore. Don't care about the group, doing well enough in the course that one little slip-up isn't going to have much of an impact, and quite frankly, there's that little listening/reading comprehension test later in the day that's more important. Oh, and maybe that database class. Didn't have to take that class this term either, but wanted to get it over with ASAP. Maybe I should've waited just so that I could've coordinated with people I actually knew. OK, so I do know one guy in my class, but I don't really get along with him, so that doesn't really count.

Got another mechanical keyboard. This time it's the Filco Majestouch 2 Ninja w/ Cherry MX Blues. I love my clicky keyboards, but I think I'm going to need Clear springs. The Blues just a little bit too light. Black springs are out since I've actually tried them. Too stiff, don't want to fight the board. Love how the keycaps are designed too. You don't see anything if you look from the top down, but you can see all the lettering from the side (front of keycap). It's really nice since it encourages touch typing. I love typing on this keyboard~ The feel is just so much nicer than those membrane keyboards. Much more crisp feeling.

Haven't gotten any computer upgrades recently. Don't think I really need to, other than maybe quieter fans and a new GPU, and even the new GPU can still wait for another year or 2 before it becomes laughably obsolete. Want to move around some stuff to regain access to the piano. Kinda want to play again, and it'll make cleaning it easier since I won't have to snake around the computer and various objects surrounding the place.

On the game front... Well, you can head over there to read about it. Still need to figure out the connection problem on the PS3...

The bow is doing OK. Should get to tuning it pretty soon, but I do need to order materials to finish up a couple of strings. I think I just might order that spool of 8190 to try out. Maybe even get it in black or red to complete my colour scheme... I do have that black/red/silver scheme going on... Yeesh, my archery getup is getting more and more sinister. Not sure if I like that... OH WELL. I do want to try out a carbon riser at some point, so that would lock me into using a black riser. Eh. Maybe if I have enough money I'll go with a white/blue/gold setup as a contrast. Not really my style though. Still, the tuning needs to get done before the next IUAT. At least I have my shirt now! After about 6 months of waiting...

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(no subject)

March 4th, 2012 (01:35 pm)

So my ownership of a mechanical keyboard was quite brief. About a week. Not even enough to break it in... The main problem I have with that design is how flimsy the USB connector was. I should not be able to accidentally snap it back into the keyboard's body. Ah well, got a refund for the unit since it was still under warranty. Would have preferred a replacement, but they're out of stock. Practically everywhere is out of Cherry MX Blues until at least April. I think I can last until then...

I do want to try modding it at some point. The force actuation point is really still too low for my liking. I tend to type really hard, so I want to replace the Blue springs with the Blacks. There's also the fact that I'm not particularly fond of linear switches and prefer to have the sort of audible and tactile click. Plus, it sounds pleasant if you type fast enough. Blues are rated at 50cN and Blacks at 60cN. Considering that I sometimes wonder if I'm going to break things with my hands (despite their size, they can be pretty strong!), a higher actuation point might be better to keep me from smashing the keyboard to pieces and accidentally pressing keys I shouldn't. From geekhack, the mod I want looks to be called "Ghetto Green". Greens do exist and are normally used for space bars. After all, the thumb is very strong.

Also been looking at SSDs. Still expensive, but I think the prices are now a bit more manageable. If I wanted one, it would probably have to be about 250GB since I do store a fair amount of lossless music, along with a few games. Since a Linux distro won't take up that much room, more room for other stuff too~ I've only used up about 150GB from my new laptop, so I have a good idea of how much space I need. Well see though. That SSD hybrid looks pretty tempting to try out...

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(no subject)

February 20th, 2012 (12:36 pm)

Eh, I could have posted earlier, but I was playing Skyrim. The IUAT was on Saturday, and it was pretty fun. I was almost late for the setup because I woke up when I was supposed to leave, but then ended up pretty lucky with the transit times, getting there only about 5 minutes late. Then proceeded to help with packing and moving stuff. It was a little bit difficult carrying my stuff (4 pieces of varying sizes) + some of the club's stuff at the same time. A little bit small for that, but still managed to get there quickly enough.

During the actual tournament, shot with only bare shafts, which in itself could be considered completely insane. But... I hadn't shot with my fletched arrows in so long that it would be a really bad idea to suddenly switch back to them just for the day. Final score was 265/600, which isn't too bad considering what I went with. The second half was better than my first half, but that was likely because of eating something during the break and constantly nibbling on the cherries I tagged along. Cold, juicy fruit is far more refreshing than candy. Oh, and of course the kind of tea I love to drink~ Jasmine green tea.

The final team scores should be posted in the range soon. UT, Waterloo, Queen's, York. Those were the standings. York disappeared right after, so they weren't included in the talks for where next year's tournament is going to be hosted. Too bad, I guess. It turns out that the AC wasn't too keen on letting us have a large room (there were at least 60 archers there!), so they stuck us in the Benson building's upper gym. BN322 IIRC, which is a common exam room. I wrote in there a few times. Not the best place... The good news is that we didn't shoot anything that would cause any sort of trouble! Hopefully the next time we host, we get to have a larger gym. But I think that also hinges on the number of universities showing up. Only the 4 listed up there have actual clubs, and even York's is debatable (their showing is kinda... small). The others seem to have a few archers here and there, but no centralized unit. And we can't become a team (what?) or else we'll lose funding? Maybe I was hearing things wrong, but I would like more details about this. It seems a little odd, really. Other than the safety issues, we could really be a sports team. It's part of the Olympics...

Ah... not going to think about it too much. Going to open the range this week on Tuesday and Wednesday. Not sure about Thursday though, but we're not obligated to open since it's Reading Week right now.

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(no subject)

January 22nd, 2012 (03:15 am)

Well, it's now into Week 3 of term. I'm liking what I have so far, save for one course, but that's mostly because I don't like those types of courses. It's about communication, being taught by a psych prof. Yay. Other than that one, I'm enjoying learning new commands, how to move around in a computer, etc. I should probably get moving on my homework too, although I'm OK for labs. I'm actually a little ahead, which is a little surprising. Another thing I like about my program? The people there are actually nice. OK, UT students are also nice, but not to the extent of what I'm seeing at Seneca. Maybe it's because that uni pressure isn't there? But the thing about the "promotion policy" is that it seems even harder to pass because of all the conditions that must be met. Hell, one of my courses requires a minimum of 70% to be considered satisfactory. Everything else is 55% or higher (pass is normally 50%). But it's not just 55% overall. Nope, you're not getting off the hook that easily. It's 55% for the final, 55% for a weighted average for coursework, 55% weighted average of everything, and 55% overall average. Oh, and all assignments finished. If you don't get that last bit and had something like 90%? It doesn't count.

In the archery realm of things, I now have key access! And will have to learn 4 lock combos to help open! I already have 2 of them down, just need the other 2. Or I can always carry my agenda around. I've only opened once so far, but it's only been a week since I've been added to the list. The table tennis club (apparently calling it the ping pong club is considered derogatory) has moved in, so that's a bit of a pain. They have been warned about the sprinklers. Hit one, get flooded. They seem to be quite a relaxed group, with both sides expressing interest in joining the other club.

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(no subject)

December 13th, 2011 (12:44 pm)
Listening to: 上海アリス幻樂団 - 無間の鐘 ~ Infinite Nightmare | Powered by Last.fm

Hm. Haven't updated in a while. Been kinda busy with, well, a few things. Volunteering has picked up a little bit, but that's entirely my fault for going in on Wednesdays now. Not that it matters much. Been adding some more info (really more like trickling) to the wiki. I want to add BR ranges at some point. Archery has been going so-so. Form is still wonky and my arrows are now, quite ironically, too short due to a new anchor point. I hope to get this figured out within a month...

Oh, and finally got my schedule for starting in January. Not too disappointed with it considering that I had no choice in the matter. At least I don't have any 8~9am classes. That would have meant leaving the house at around 6 just to get there on time. If those were Tuesdays-Thursdays, I would be too tired to even bother shooting. Judging by the schedule, I can at least open on Tuesdays and Wednesdays, assuming that I get there around 4.

I think that's all I really have right now. Hm.

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(no subject)

October 9th, 2011 (10:29 pm)

So about 5~6 months later, I finally get proper limbs. And hopefully proper arrows. Upgraded my medium wood/fiberglass limbs to short carbon/wood limbs (SF Premium Carbon, 28lbs). I do eventually want to move up to carbon and/or foam core hybrid limbs, but that probably won't be for another year. It can wait since it's interesting looking at different setups. I built mine with arrow speed as the main focus, because I'm a fairly low poundage shooter so I will need all the speed I can get for further distances. If draw weight wasn't an issue, then I wouldn't really have to think about skewing my setup priorities.

A few notes for myself:
* Nibb points are heavier, but distribute weight over ~2 in. Also stiffens arrow by shortening the distance between the flex nodes.
* Bullet points are heavy, good for weakening spines, but are fairly expensive (less than Nibbs though).
* If can't get weak arrow spines, add the heaviest points possible to achieve a weaker spine
** Could also get slightly stiffer arrows and attach a heavy point to achieve a similar effect if going up in draw weight (only if not off the charts...)
* Short limbs stack faster than longer limbs.
* Study more archery terms and how different manufacturers label their products (arrows!)
* Have $100 set aside for the coaching clinic.

In other news, backyard fence has been broken and tomato plants harmed. I seriously want to kill those kids. Steel or crosslink fence are the likely replacements. Retrieving the wooden planks did mean injuring my right hand slightly. Cut by a rusty nail, but it doesn't look like it's infected. It's not healing as quickly as I'd like it to, but that may also be because of dealing with a minor cold at the same time. The other minor scraps have scabbed over, which is good. Maybe I'll try scaring them off with my arrows...

And the wiki was vandalized about a little over a week ago. Then he attempted a second time, only posting 1 pic. I caught it within a minute this time (I was still asleep during the first attack, but it only started an hour before I woke up), so a second ban was quickly issued. Doesn't look like the guy was attacking any other wiki since I didn't see anything else on his profile page. Still keeping an eye on any weird activity...

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(no subject)

August 19th, 2011 (03:08 pm)
Listening to: 関戸剛 - Clash of Opposites | Powered by Last.fm

Whoops. Haven't updated in a long while. Been a little busier since I've been volunteering and working on the wiki fairly extensively. I love the fact that I'm admin, but having to monitor constantly is a little annoying. Still, it's not too bad since everyone there seems to have an idea of what not to do. Except for one guy, it seems. Reading comprehension doesn't look like a strong point for this one. If something reads the same, has the same progression and the same rewards, it's the same quest. Guess what? The original page name was wrong, so it redirected to the correct capitalization. We just decided to delete the redirect and correct the links little by little as it wasn't necessary. And if he had bothered to read the game's text, it would say "When the Rose Blooms", not "When The Rose Blooms". Using your head. It will get you very far.

Still no idea what to do in the coming months... but I'm sure something will click. Haven't really been shooting lately because of crappy weather and the skies getting darker much earlier than usual. A few weeks, it would have been fine to be outside until about 8:30. Now? It's getting dark at around 7:30, to the point that it's pointless to stay out any longer unless you want to lose your arrows.

Eh. That's really about it. I'm just wondering if I'll something less mind-numbing to work on at the office...

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(no subject)

June 5th, 2011 (02:26 pm)

Well, this should have been posted about a month ago, but got my eyes checked. Turns out that they've gotten slightly better and are stabilizing. Or it could be because of taking fewer classes so I'm not straining my eyes as much. Either way, it's an excuse to get new frames~ I'm hoping that they have something similar to the ones I kinda broke back in October...

Around that time was a dental check-up. Still have no idea why the grooves in my molars are so deep, but at least no cavities. I may like sweets, but I don't like eating too many of them. So, had them filled in a little bit.

And now? Just waiting on apps, doing some volunteering, taking care of the mosquito bite that's currently trying to eat my left hand alive. Oh, and still rare hunting. I think I have about half of them done now.

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(no subject)

May 2nd, 2011 (10:52 pm)
Listening to: Hideyuki Fukasawa - Pledge Stage ~street~ | Powered by Last.fm


Conservative majority. Not happy about this. I think people are just reacting to the sudden election, and are so fed up with all this bullshit that this is the turnout. Well, at least this is a wake-up call to the Liberals. They really have to get their act together now. And I think the NDP was just baiting the Quebecois into voting for them... Needless to say, I don't like any of the parties.

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(no subject)

April 10th, 2011 (01:21 pm)
Listening to: Hideyuki Fukasawa - Pledge Stage ~street~ | Powered by Last.fm

Well, I've been playing with my new bow for the past 3 weeks now. Quite happy with it, save for one little detail. I got stuck with medium-sized limbs, which was why nothing worked. My string is still a little too long for it, but I think have enough twists in it so that the brace height isn't too small now. I decided against returning them for the proper length limbs because of the cost-benefit ratio. It would cost me far more than I would benefit from getting the right limbs (shipping, restocking fee, customs for new set = will cost more than $50. limbs cost $120). The next set though? They'll definitely be short. Want the W%W Winex limbs to match my black riser! My set up? This:

Hoyt GMX 23", KAP Winstorm 30lbs, 8125 w/ Halo, Easton X7 1516

The arrows aren't actually mine. The ones I own, XX75 1716, are too stiff. But I should be able to use them in a few months once I get my draw weight up. My limbs can be set to 32lbs because the weight is heavier on a shorter riser. The arrows I'm using still aren't right though, since everything flies too far to the left. I have started grouping them, which is key. As long as I can do that, I can start compensating for the stiffness. Not ideal, but that's the best I can do for the time being.

In other news... Going for the MMI again. Club dinner was great, save for the food poisoning bit. Going to get more coaching on Wednesday. Want to compete in the Canadian Spring Class (outdoors), but I should probably sign up to the OAA first. Should be studying for the Euclid, but I'm typing up this post instead! Oh, and transcribing lines. Fun. I should also make sure that I remember to create that guide soon. Might be able to do it this week...

Mom's making bread again.

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(no subject)

March 14th, 2011 (09:02 pm)
Listening to: 関戸剛 - 決戦!サルーイン -Final Battle With Saruin- | Powered by Last.fm

Well, my bow still hasn't arrived. Don't know what's taking so long to restock the riser, but it just might be one of those "we'll make more once we get enough orders in" type items. It's a 23" riser, and the standard is 25". Maybe I should have just gotten a 25" riser (Hoyt Horizon). I can handle it, but the tuning might not be as nice/effective.

Also been looking at other risers and limbs. I think the next riser I'll get will be a Hoyt. GMX or Nexus. Limbs... Win&Win, because I like their colour schemes. And apparently they're some of the smoothest limbs on the market based on the reviews I've read. Just not sure which ones. WinEX, INNO EX POWER, INNO EX PRIME... All good limbs with different material constructions. Guess I'll have to hop over to the Bow Shop and try for myself. At least I know they won't break from 8125 strings.

On a more serious note... The reactions I've seen online about the Sendai quake range from appropriate to incredibly infuriating. It seems that some of them have petty "revenge" on their minds. I thought using A-bombs on 2 cities was more than enough payback if you want to think about it that way (completely disproportionate too). Prayer is also completely useless, and if it's all they're going to do, they're still doing nothing. I'm going to keep an eye on the nuclear plant stories. Some news outlets are at least trying to get the facts across, asking experts about the potential meltdown. The tsunami really did do a huge amount of damage, seems like much more so than the quake itself.

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(no subject)

February 19th, 2011 (06:15 pm)
Listening to: 関戸剛 - Clash of Opposites | Powered by Last.fm

Just making a note of some bow string materials, in case I want to buy/make one.

Dyneema (SK75)
Dynaflight '97
8125 (faster, but slightly less durable)
Dacron (older, but safer)

62XS (slightly more Spectra than 62, more durable)

Current string: (red) Dacron with black 62 serving. Have Dynaflight '97 as a back-up. Want to make either Dyneema or 8125 string...

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(no subject)

February 4th, 2011 (10:51 pm)
Listening to: Sound Horizon - 光と闇の童話 | Powered by Last.fm

Well, decided to go visit Woburn today. Problem was that I didn't realize that they had just finished their exams, so the school was quite quiet. Then the music students were (un)fortunate to be hit with a theory test. I talked to Mr. Farrel for a little bit, admitted that I never actually liked playing and much preferred to study theory. I would also fail the Grade 12 theory quite horribly if I took it right now because of the pin drop listening tests. I always sucked at those. Also learned that he used to shoot a little bit and that the OSC range (outdoors!) is a little intimidating. I would think so too, but I can probably do better since I can hit something from 18m away, not driving an arrow into the ground at 15m. Don't know if I'd be able to see something 70m away... Ah well. Didn't see Mrs. Houghton since the door wasn't open. Saw Ms. Mo, but ended up catching her when she was leaving instead. She was taking up the English exam, so it was best to leave the class alone (much to the students' dismay). The math department seems to be doing quite well. Taking up their exams, which I probably could do, if given a lot more than the allotted time. Not like I've touched that stuff in a few years... The math curriculum's changed quite a bit apparently. It's apparently a lot easier now, and the teachers can't really do much about it. They're paid to teach it, so I guess they're also missing out on a lot of things, mostly the understanding of why things are the way they are. Well, without getting into things like number theory (something that I don't understand yet either).

Then came the science class. Ended up seeing Ms. Sawh, and it was interesting. She remembers my grade as the second gifted (read: special ed. for "weird" kids) class she taught, and all of us being absolute nightmares from time to time. What can I say? New teachers are easy to pick on. We were crafty little devils~ Although it turned out that we were angels compared to the previous class. Ended up walking into the Grade 10 Essential Science class. It was... kinda fun. They weren't doing anything too important, just updating their table of contents in their science binders. Heard that one of them wanted to shift up to Academic Science. Considering the level of difficulty that their material is at, I'd say "good luck." Especially since at grade 11, it splits into the 3 main streams: Biology, Chemistry, Physics. One guy was quite lazy about it, and required a lot of pushing to even label things correctly. That went on for a while, until Ms. Sawh asked if I wanted to try teaching the class for 10 minutes. No harm in it since it was just introducing a few basic points about the solar system. It wasn't too bad, but it was a small class. Smaller classes meant that it was easier to control them. After that little bit, it was off to supervise some sort of cleaning punishment. Apparently, the boys in the class were being quite unruly, and ended up littering the class with balls(?) and garbage. Complaints were filed, and punishment was decided; they were to clean the classrooms. I told them that they were lucky it wasn't quite time for the dissection unit. Worms, crayfish, starfish, foetal pigs, whatever else we were allowed to cut up for practise. That would stink up the room pretty badly, and formaldehyde on the counters. I wasn't exactly sympathetic to the situation as that kind of behaviour is simply out of line in a classroom. Even if the boys were trying to get a rise out of the girls, the girls should have spoken up about it instead of staying quiet. Even if it meant disrupting the classroom, stopping inappropriate behaviour means that the problem can probably be solved.

I still get mistaken for a high school student. Seriously, this is getting annoying. And has my appearance changed enough for someone to notice that I've lost weight...? (Madame S. [I can't spell French names] commented on it) The most I would have lost within those years is about 5lbs, because I've weighed myself at the doctor's office for antibiotics. All in all, it was a pleasant trip. Wish that I could've run into a few others. I wasn't the only one wandering the halls. And because the security guys recognized me, I wasn't reported to the office. Never wanted those stupid lanyards indicating that I'm a visitor. I'm a ninja! I sneak into places!

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(no subject)

January 30th, 2011 (07:51 pm)
Listening to: T's Music - 大坂・夏の陣 | Powered by Last.fm

So... I've decided to get my own bow because I actually want to compete. Well, there's also the fact that I've been told that my bow can't be tuned properly because the limbs I'm using are twisted. THANKS FOR SETTING ME UP WITH A CRAPPY BOW, MARK. Though, that's part of the reason why I want to get my own, so in a way, thanks for getting me started on getting my own bow.

So I have a clue to what I want, but I'm still going to talk to the coaches about it. The main problem is my height, which is pretty funny. All this time, despite being a little bit on the short side, I've been able to do things just fine. Now? I have to find parts with specs that match me if I want it to be tuned for my use and maximize performance. I can do just fine with what I have (25in riser, normal length limbs), but I'm not getting all the power I can behind my shots. Plus, I found out that my draw length is only 24.5 inches, far from the standard 28in used to measure draw weights. Fairly excited about this, since I'll get to learn how to tweak it and maintain it! Already helping out a little bit with the arrows, since I'm kinda breaking them... Sorry Dennis... for undoing parts off your hard work. But at least I can fix them! That should help alleviate your work load. A little.

And I ordered Sound Horizon's newest album and single. And it sounds awesome in surround sound. I've been listening to more soundtracks in surround lately... It's fun too~

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(no subject)

January 9th, 2011 (03:32 pm)
Listening to: T's Music - 伊達政宗のテーマ | Powered by Last.fm

*insert keyboard smash*

I think I'm getting sick, and classes haven't even start yet. Then there's also the fact that I'm filling out a bunch of apps for doing another undergrad or something over at Michener. The break wasn't terribly exciting. Didn't go shoot for about a week because of the weather. It screws up a lot of things with the TTC. Then there's the snowfall... It was pretty random with the thunder and lightning that one night. Eh... Not much to say at the moment.

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