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bokunome [userpic]

March 14th, 2011 (09:02 pm)
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Well, my bow still hasn't arrived. Don't know what's taking so long to restock the riser, but it just might be one of those "we'll make more once we get enough orders in" type items. It's a 23" riser, and the standard is 25". Maybe I should have just gotten a 25" riser (Hoyt Horizon). I can handle it, but the tuning might not be as nice/effective.

Also been looking at other risers and limbs. I think the next riser I'll get will be a Hoyt. GMX or Nexus. Limbs... Win&Win, because I like their colour schemes. And apparently they're some of the smoothest limbs on the market based on the reviews I've read. Just not sure which ones. WinEX, INNO EX POWER, INNO EX PRIME... All good limbs with different material constructions. Guess I'll have to hop over to the Bow Shop and try for myself. At least I know they won't break from 8125 strings.

On a more serious note... The reactions I've seen online about the Sendai quake range from appropriate to incredibly infuriating. It seems that some of them have petty "revenge" on their minds. I thought using A-bombs on 2 cities was more than enough payback if you want to think about it that way (completely disproportionate too). Prayer is also completely useless, and if it's all they're going to do, they're still doing nothing. I'm going to keep an eye on the nuclear plant stories. Some news outlets are at least trying to get the facts across, asking experts about the potential meltdown. The tsunami really did do a huge amount of damage, seems like much more so than the quake itself.