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bokunome [userpic]

April 10th, 2011 (01:21 pm)
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Well, I've been playing with my new bow for the past 3 weeks now. Quite happy with it, save for one little detail. I got stuck with medium-sized limbs, which was why nothing worked. My string is still a little too long for it, but I think have enough twists in it so that the brace height isn't too small now. I decided against returning them for the proper length limbs because of the cost-benefit ratio. It would cost me far more than I would benefit from getting the right limbs (shipping, restocking fee, customs for new set = will cost more than $50. limbs cost $120). The next set though? They'll definitely be short. Want the W%W Winex limbs to match my black riser! My set up? This:

Hoyt GMX 23", KAP Winstorm 30lbs, 8125 w/ Halo, Easton X7 1516

The arrows aren't actually mine. The ones I own, XX75 1716, are too stiff. But I should be able to use them in a few months once I get my draw weight up. My limbs can be set to 32lbs because the weight is heavier on a shorter riser. The arrows I'm using still aren't right though, since everything flies too far to the left. I have started grouping them, which is key. As long as I can do that, I can start compensating for the stiffness. Not ideal, but that's the best I can do for the time being.

In other news... Going for the MMI again. Club dinner was great, save for the food poisoning bit. Going to get more coaching on Wednesday. Want to compete in the Canadian Spring Class (outdoors), but I should probably sign up to the OAA first. Should be studying for the Euclid, but I'm typing up this post instead! Oh, and transcribing lines. Fun. I should also make sure that I remember to create that guide soon. Might be able to do it this week...

Mom's making bread again.