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bokunome [userpic]

October 9th, 2011 (10:29 pm)

So about 5~6 months later, I finally get proper limbs. And hopefully proper arrows. Upgraded my medium wood/fiberglass limbs to short carbon/wood limbs (SF Premium Carbon, 28lbs). I do eventually want to move up to carbon and/or foam core hybrid limbs, but that probably won't be for another year. It can wait since it's interesting looking at different setups. I built mine with arrow speed as the main focus, because I'm a fairly low poundage shooter so I will need all the speed I can get for further distances. If draw weight wasn't an issue, then I wouldn't really have to think about skewing my setup priorities.

A few notes for myself:
* Nibb points are heavier, but distribute weight over ~2 in. Also stiffens arrow by shortening the distance between the flex nodes.
* Bullet points are heavy, good for weakening spines, but are fairly expensive (less than Nibbs though).
* If can't get weak arrow spines, add the heaviest points possible to achieve a weaker spine
** Could also get slightly stiffer arrows and attach a heavy point to achieve a similar effect if going up in draw weight (only if not off the charts...)
* Short limbs stack faster than longer limbs.
* Study more archery terms and how different manufacturers label their products (arrows!)
* Have $100 set aside for the coaching clinic.

In other news, backyard fence has been broken and tomato plants harmed. I seriously want to kill those kids. Steel or crosslink fence are the likely replacements. Retrieving the wooden planks did mean injuring my right hand slightly. Cut by a rusty nail, but it doesn't look like it's infected. It's not healing as quickly as I'd like it to, but that may also be because of dealing with a minor cold at the same time. The other minor scraps have scabbed over, which is good. Maybe I'll try scaring them off with my arrows...

And the wiki was vandalized about a little over a week ago. Then he attempted a second time, only posting 1 pic. I caught it within a minute this time (I was still asleep during the first attack, but it only started an hour before I woke up), so a second ban was quickly issued. Doesn't look like the guy was attacking any other wiki since I didn't see anything else on his profile page. Still keeping an eye on any weird activity...