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bokunome [userpic]

February 4th, 2011 (10:51 pm)
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Well, decided to go visit Woburn today. Problem was that I didn't realize that they had just finished their exams, so the school was quite quiet. Then the music students were (un)fortunate to be hit with a theory test. I talked to Mr. Farrel for a little bit, admitted that I never actually liked playing and much preferred to study theory. I would also fail the Grade 12 theory quite horribly if I took it right now because of the pin drop listening tests. I always sucked at those. Also learned that he used to shoot a little bit and that the OSC range (outdoors!) is a little intimidating. I would think so too, but I can probably do better since I can hit something from 18m away, not driving an arrow into the ground at 15m. Don't know if I'd be able to see something 70m away... Ah well. Didn't see Mrs. Houghton since the door wasn't open. Saw Ms. Mo, but ended up catching her when she was leaving instead. She was taking up the English exam, so it was best to leave the class alone (much to the students' dismay). The math department seems to be doing quite well. Taking up their exams, which I probably could do, if given a lot more than the allotted time. Not like I've touched that stuff in a few years... The math curriculum's changed quite a bit apparently. It's apparently a lot easier now, and the teachers can't really do much about it. They're paid to teach it, so I guess they're also missing out on a lot of things, mostly the understanding of why things are the way they are. Well, without getting into things like number theory (something that I don't understand yet either).

Then came the science class. Ended up seeing Ms. Sawh, and it was interesting. She remembers my grade as the second gifted (read: special ed. for "weird" kids) class she taught, and all of us being absolute nightmares from time to time. What can I say? New teachers are easy to pick on. We were crafty little devils~ Although it turned out that we were angels compared to the previous class. Ended up walking into the Grade 10 Essential Science class. It was... kinda fun. They weren't doing anything too important, just updating their table of contents in their science binders. Heard that one of them wanted to shift up to Academic Science. Considering the level of difficulty that their material is at, I'd say "good luck." Especially since at grade 11, it splits into the 3 main streams: Biology, Chemistry, Physics. One guy was quite lazy about it, and required a lot of pushing to even label things correctly. That went on for a while, until Ms. Sawh asked if I wanted to try teaching the class for 10 minutes. No harm in it since it was just introducing a few basic points about the solar system. It wasn't too bad, but it was a small class. Smaller classes meant that it was easier to control them. After that little bit, it was off to supervise some sort of cleaning punishment. Apparently, the boys in the class were being quite unruly, and ended up littering the class with balls(?) and garbage. Complaints were filed, and punishment was decided; they were to clean the classrooms. I told them that they were lucky it wasn't quite time for the dissection unit. Worms, crayfish, starfish, foetal pigs, whatever else we were allowed to cut up for practise. That would stink up the room pretty badly, and formaldehyde on the counters. I wasn't exactly sympathetic to the situation as that kind of behaviour is simply out of line in a classroom. Even if the boys were trying to get a rise out of the girls, the girls should have spoken up about it instead of staying quiet. Even if it meant disrupting the classroom, stopping inappropriate behaviour means that the problem can probably be solved.

I still get mistaken for a high school student. Seriously, this is getting annoying. And has my appearance changed enough for someone to notice that I've lost weight...? (Madame S. [I can't spell French names] commented on it) The most I would have lost within those years is about 5lbs, because I've weighed myself at the doctor's office for antibiotics. All in all, it was a pleasant trip. Wish that I could've run into a few others. I wasn't the only one wandering the halls. And because the security guys recognized me, I wasn't reported to the office. Never wanted those stupid lanyards indicating that I'm a visitor. I'm a ninja! I sneak into places!