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bokunome [userpic]

June 5th, 2011 (02:26 pm)

Well, this should have been posted about a month ago, but got my eyes checked. Turns out that they've gotten slightly better and are stabilizing. Or it could be because of taking fewer classes so I'm not straining my eyes as much. Either way, it's an excuse to get new frames~ I'm hoping that they have something similar to the ones I kinda broke back in October...

Around that time was a dental check-up. Still have no idea why the grooves in my molars are so deep, but at least no cavities. I may like sweets, but I don't like eating too many of them. So, had them filled in a little bit.

And now? Just waiting on apps, doing some volunteering, taking care of the mosquito bite that's currently trying to eat my left hand alive. Oh, and still rare hunting. I think I have about half of them done now.