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bokunome [userpic]

February 20th, 2012 (12:36 pm)

Eh, I could have posted earlier, but I was playing Skyrim. The IUAT was on Saturday, and it was pretty fun. I was almost late for the setup because I woke up when I was supposed to leave, but then ended up pretty lucky with the transit times, getting there only about 5 minutes late. Then proceeded to help with packing and moving stuff. It was a little bit difficult carrying my stuff (4 pieces of varying sizes) + some of the club's stuff at the same time. A little bit small for that, but still managed to get there quickly enough.

During the actual tournament, shot with only bare shafts, which in itself could be considered completely insane. But... I hadn't shot with my fletched arrows in so long that it would be a really bad idea to suddenly switch back to them just for the day. Final score was 265/600, which isn't too bad considering what I went with. The second half was better than my first half, but that was likely because of eating something during the break and constantly nibbling on the cherries I tagged along. Cold, juicy fruit is far more refreshing than candy. Oh, and of course the kind of tea I love to drink~ Jasmine green tea.

The final team scores should be posted in the range soon. UT, Waterloo, Queen's, York. Those were the standings. York disappeared right after, so they weren't included in the talks for where next year's tournament is going to be hosted. Too bad, I guess. It turns out that the AC wasn't too keen on letting us have a large room (there were at least 60 archers there!), so they stuck us in the Benson building's upper gym. BN322 IIRC, which is a common exam room. I wrote in there a few times. Not the best place... The good news is that we didn't shoot anything that would cause any sort of trouble! Hopefully the next time we host, we get to have a larger gym. But I think that also hinges on the number of universities showing up. Only the 4 listed up there have actual clubs, and even York's is debatable (their showing is kinda... small). The others seem to have a few archers here and there, but no centralized unit. And we can't become a team (what?) or else we'll lose funding? Maybe I was hearing things wrong, but I would like more details about this. It seems a little odd, really. Other than the safety issues, we could really be a sports team. It's part of the Olympics...

Ah... not going to think about it too much. Going to open the range this week on Tuesday and Wednesday. Not sure about Thursday though, but we're not obligated to open since it's Reading Week right now.