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bokunome [userpic]

Is there even a point to updating here anymore?

November 18th, 2012 (04:44 pm)

Most of my updates have been going on on my other blog or being recorded on my 3DS via the Swapnote app. Should really be working on that presentation for tomorrow, but I don't really care anymore. Don't care about the group, doing well enough in the course that one little slip-up isn't going to have much of an impact, and quite frankly, there's that little listening/reading comprehension test later in the day that's more important. Oh, and maybe that database class. Didn't have to take that class this term either, but wanted to get it over with ASAP. Maybe I should've waited just so that I could've coordinated with people I actually knew. OK, so I do know one guy in my class, but I don't really get along with him, so that doesn't really count.

Got another mechanical keyboard. This time it's the Filco Majestouch 2 Ninja w/ Cherry MX Blues. I love my clicky keyboards, but I think I'm going to need Clear springs. The Blues just a little bit too light. Black springs are out since I've actually tried them. Too stiff, don't want to fight the board. Love how the keycaps are designed too. You don't see anything if you look from the top down, but you can see all the lettering from the side (front of keycap). It's really nice since it encourages touch typing. I love typing on this keyboard~ The feel is just so much nicer than those membrane keyboards. Much more crisp feeling.

Haven't gotten any computer upgrades recently. Don't think I really need to, other than maybe quieter fans and a new GPU, and even the new GPU can still wait for another year or 2 before it becomes laughably obsolete. Want to move around some stuff to regain access to the piano. Kinda want to play again, and it'll make cleaning it easier since I won't have to snake around the computer and various objects surrounding the place.

On the game front... Well, you can head over there to read about it. Still need to figure out the connection problem on the PS3...

The bow is doing OK. Should get to tuning it pretty soon, but I do need to order materials to finish up a couple of strings. I think I just might order that spool of 8190 to try out. Maybe even get it in black or red to complete my colour scheme... I do have that black/red/silver scheme going on... Yeesh, my archery getup is getting more and more sinister. Not sure if I like that... OH WELL. I do want to try out a carbon riser at some point, so that would lock me into using a black riser. Eh. Maybe if I have enough money I'll go with a white/blue/gold setup as a contrast. Not really my style though. Still, the tuning needs to get done before the next IUAT. At least I have my shirt now! After about 6 months of waiting...